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Misconception #1- Hospice is a place

Fact:  Hospice is not always a place that patients are transferred to.  Many hospice agencies, including Interim Healthcare and Hospice, will provide hospice services wherever the patient lives. This allows the patient to spend their final days in the comfort of their own home, wherever "home” is for them.

Misconception #2- Hospice is only brought in during the last few days of life.

Fact: Hospice can provide services much earlier. For someone to be eligible for hospice, a doctor has to state the patient has a prognosis of 6 months or less. If that prognosis is given, that is the time to reach out to hospice. Individuals do not have to wait for someone to be actively dying. A common quote heard over and over again is "I wish I would have brought in hospice sooner.” Don’t wait.

Misconception #3- Hospice is only available for 6 months.

A doctor can re-certify someone for hospice as time goes on, even if the patient has not passed away after six months. More frequently than one might think, patients are on hospice services for longer than six months.

Misconception #4- Hospice provides physical comfort only.  

While hospice does provide pain management, hospice also provides a variety of different types of support. Types of support hospice provides, can include, but is not limited to, spiritual counseling, grief counseling, social support, and education on end of life. Hospice strives to provide mental, social, spiritual, and grief support for the patient and their family.