Grief and loss can be a very significant, and sometimes challenging process for someone who has a loved one on hospice. The anxiety of the unknowns, anticipating what our final goodbye will look like, are just a couple of the many reasons one may feel significant grief, both before one’s passing and after. Our agency offers grief services for our clients, as well as the larger community. We know that the grief journey can be unique from person to person, and how people experience and manifest that grief can also differ from person to person. We follow our families for up to thirteen months after their loved one has passed away, by providing confidential check in calls, resource mailings, and more. We also provide education and support programs related to grief and loss within our local community for anyone that wishes to connect with others.  For more information about our grief services, please contact:

Lisa Gardner, our Bereavement Coordinator

(248) 629-0603 (cell), (248) 553-3333 ext. 101 (office)